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03:09 AM | Sat, 30 Jul 2016

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"Lost Report" Application Developed for Delhi Police by ACSG Corp. Gets E-governance Award

179 Days ago

Business Wire India
At the recently held 19th National e-governance Conference in Nagpur, ‘Lost Report’ application of Delhi Police developed by ACSG Corp. has been honored with the national award for e-governance for the year 2015-16. Awards were presented at the end of the conference to give due recognition to all the commendable e-governance initiatives in every field.

While felicitating the praiseworthy award winners in 12 distinct categories for their remarkable achievement, the Maharashtra CM Shri Devendra Fadanvis emphasized on the vitality of GATI (Governance with Accountability, Transparency and Innovation) for the overall progressive development of the country. He further added that transparent collaboration and well-organized processes help in giving governance the shape of citizen-oriented service delivery.

Pankaj Kumar, President, ACSG Corp., says, “Having developed and customized the app in a rather time-tight schedule for the Delhi Police, the response from both public and the police department has been remarkable. It is motivating for us to continue on the path of innovation with excellence.”

Today, every sector is ruled by the innovative employment of technology with e-governance being no exception to it. ACSG Corp., being a well-established homeland security firm which provides focused ICT solutions, develops innovative software and caters to other technological services for the security domain. The Lost Report is another novel initiative for Smart Policing and e-governance which is a first of its kind app for people to lodge a report for their lost or missing items/ documents online, without having to incur the hassle of visiting the police station.

As soon as a report gets lodged on the app, a digitally signed copy of the report is generated which is extremely useful in reissuing of any documents to the public as well as for the police records. The app comes to great assistance in situations such as security threats, piracy, online frauds etc. Several police officials have appreciated the app for having reduced the burden on their staff to a great extent. 

About ACSG Corp.:
ACSG Corp. is an established homeland security firm to serve around the SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) space, primarily focusing on providing an end-to-end multi-disciplinary approach to ICT. It serves critical sectors in Government, Oil and Gas, Power, Telecom and Financial Sector. The company is specialized in providing turnkey and customized innovative solutions which are suitable for Homeland Security for mission critical, as well as futuristic demands e.g. automation & modernization of various Law Enforcement Bodies for Digital Policing (Transforming Policing through Digitization) for city security and mega city smart policing. It also serves to various state policies for providing them real time and user-friendly web and mobile solutions for the same. ACSG Corp. focuses on innovative technology suitable for pre-emptive strategies.

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