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01:38 AM | Fri, 26 Aug 2016

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Citizens Want Amenities and Services to be the Top Focus in Railway Budget ‘16-17

198 Days ago

Business Wire India
LocalCircles (, India’s largest citizen engagement platform today announced that citizens want amenities and services to be the focus for Railway budget in 2016-17. The survey was done in a community of more than 150,000 citizens who are part of the circle called Make Railways better. Last year, citizens had voted that cleanliness is the top most priority and this year they seem to be satisfied with the progress around cleanliness.

Amenities and services cover a broad segment from availability of information to catering. Food as always is an important concern area for passengers and they want both quality and hygiene of food to be improved. The survey first asked citizens to rank priorities in terms of the focus for the year. 35 % listed amenities and services as the top priority followed closely at 30 per cent safety, cleanliness 19% voted, and timeliness was voted as 16 % as top priority.
Further questions on amenities and services were asked under the following three heads: passenger information services and amenities on trains and stations. One of the biggest issues that passengers identified was that cancellation and change in timings of their trains should be informed via SMS.
Citizens want that train departure timing or cancellation should be informed via SMS. They also wanted effectiveness of the information on helpline to be improved. Effectiveness of the information display at station was also suggested as a major area of improvement by the citizens.
Under the sub head of amenities inside trains after food, citizens pointed out the maintenance of train toilets, moreover, they demanded increased number of dustbins.
Below are the poll results from the survey.
Poll#1 – Top Focus for Railway Budget 2016-17
What should be the top focus of Railway Budget 2016-17?

  • Improving Cleanliness                              19%
  • Improving Safety                                     30%
  • Improving Services and Amenities            35%   
  • Improving Timeliness                               16%             
Poll#2 - Services and Amenities related to Passenger Information
Based on your inputs in multiple discussions, the following have been identified as key passenger information needs under Information Services from Railways.

1) Customized train departure/arrival/cancellation notifications via SMS
3) Effectiveness of phone helplines and their information quality
2) Effective display of train arrival/departure and coach numbers on platforms
4) Display of all assistance/helpline numbers in coaches and on platforms.

Do you agree?
  • Yes       96%
  • No        4%
Poll#3 - Services and Amenities in Trains
Based on your inputs on Services & Amenities in trains, the first set of priorities have been identified as:

1) Improved quality and hygiene levels of food served
2) Effective maintenance of train toilet utilities
3) Increased number of dustbins and their effective management
4) Insect and pest free trains
5) Increased number of phone charging points

Do you agree?
  • Yes       94%
  • No        6%
Poll#4 – Services and Amenities at Stations
Based on your inputs on Services & Amenities at Stations, the first set of priorities have been identified as: 

1) Clean drinking water
2) Elevators and Escalators for families/elderly/spl needs travellers 
3) Functional toilets 
4) Hassle free Coolie/Porter services  
Do you agree?
  • Yes       95%
  • No        5%
Qualitative inputs from the survey
  1. The quality and hygiene levels of food served in trains should be improved
  2. Train toilet accessories should be effective maintained
  3. The number of dustbins should be increased and their management should be effective
  4. Insect and pest free trains should be ensured
  5. The number of phone charging points should be increased
  6. Clean drinking water should be provided on stations
  7. More elevators and escalators should be installed for families/elderly/special needs travellers 
  8. Functional toilets should be a priority
  9. Hassle free Coolie/Porter services should be ensured
  10. Customized train departure/arrival/cancellation notifications via SMS should be started
  11. Effectiveness of phone helplines and their information quality must be refined
  12. Effective display of train arrival/departure and coach numbers on platforms 
  13. All assistance/helpline numbers must be displayed in coaches and on platforms
  14. Emergency medical assistance should be made available on stations
  15. Guard, TTE and Attendants must be trained and equipped with First Aid Kit
  16. Cleaner and fresh bed rolls for AC coaches and available for purchase bedrolls for sleeper/general coach should be made available.
  17. More chairs should be installed on the platforms for people to sit
  18. A separate counter should be opened at stations for ticket cancellations
  19. Railways should start a dedicated complaint redressal department
  20. The freight system should be modernized and online parcel bookings should be started 
  21. Free wifi internet should be made available on stations
  22. Wheelchairs should be made available on stations to assist the handicap
  23. Ramps should be constructed to make platforms disable friendly
  24. Online booking of retiring rooms should be made easy
  25. Package and pilgrimage tours division should be strengthened 
  26. Rail passes should be introduced for tourists.
About LocalCircles
LocalCircles is India’s leading citizen engagement platform that connects citizens at local, city and national level to participate in governance and make their urban life better. LocalCircles has more than 1,000,000 citizens connected on it across the country. All data and poll results are an exclusive copyright of LocalCircles so please give due credit.

Photo Caption: Railway budget top focus 2016-17

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